Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Signing Off: In Memory of Those That Didn't Make It to December

Nail One is one of the New York City businesses that closed in December
By Mitch Broder

Among the obsessions of Vintage New York are the city's departed businesses that seem to have hastened their departure with the names they gave themselves.

So while others take the easy route of frequenting stores that are open, I stand alone outside the ones that are closed and ruminate on their signs.

"Nail One," for example, may be a popular goal, but maybe not the most inviting phrase to a woman in search of a manicure. Below are a few more places that went black before Black December, not that surviving would necessarily have done them any good...

Fusion was for those dining in New York until it closed in December
Signage Rule No. 1: Customers should be able to figure out what your name is...

The Big Cheese is no more in New York
Everybody knows that you can't be The Big Cheese forever...

Butler's was great with the service but diners in New York didn't care to keep it around
Even now, people don't want to dine with the butler...

eShave has closed in December as a fine New York shop
Maybe this will be the last task that people don't do online...

Signage has a way of closing down establishments in New York City
See Signage Rule No. 1, above...

Vintage New York wishes everyone better luck next time.


  1. Mitch!!
    Great story! These sign were very funny. I loved the way you put things!! One thing we all agree is that they all went out trying.
    Great work Mitch keep it up!!

  2. Exactly what was a Helianthus?

  3. Might I point out that perhaps Nail One didn't appeal to enough men? Not only women get manis + pedis in these days of metrosexual men :-)

  4. I am going to try DJHelianthus font for my next brochure title and see if I still maintain the client.

  5. Can i point out that Nail One did not close down. I am frequent customer and they have just relocated after the crane incident and they are stil going strong. They have relocated to 295 Madison Ave