Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Signing Off: Farewell to Hot Spots That Can't Take the Heat

900 Degrees has closed it's New York City doors
By Mitch Broder

Actually, this winter is not as warm as you think, since the city has lost places that could have made it a lot warmer. All of them might have lasted if they'd only hung on till January. But maybe they didn't hang on till January because no one needed heat in July.

The above pizza joint, for instance, held some appeal on a chilly night but a lot less when the outdoor temperature rose to a tenth of its name. Then again, according to its sign, that name was 900 Degrees Degrees. So it could have been doomed by double talk. If not by its 900 competitors competitors.

Melt Gelato Bar has closed it's sweet doors in New York City

Melting is another concept that's of marginal allure in the summer, and one that would seem unwise to link with ice cream anytime. There are nine Melt Gelato Bars in California, not to mention one in Tucson. But out there, they're used to stuff melting. In New York we like things firm.

Home fo the Famous Hot Water is no longer aligning the streets of New York City

The Home of the Famous Hot Water — Holby Valve — has moved to Newark, which prompts me to be content with hot water that's obscure. The complete sign reads: "Home of the Famous Hot Water Temperature Control Valve." But I hadn't heard of the valve till I saw the sign, and by then it was too late.

Passion has closed it's doors

You wouldn't think there could be too much passion, but this place proved that wrong. Too bad, since this sort of heat tends to sell in any season.

The Boiler Room in the East Village of New York City has stayed open as a spot for dining in New York

Fortunately, The Boiler Room in the East Village is still boiling. I'm not sure why it has succeeded while the others failed. But I'm guessing they at least keep the beer cold.

Like almost every New Yorker, Vintage New York has no complaint with this winter.


  1. A scorcher! That's a real vintage NY sense of humor. Love it. Love it.

  2. Looks like you got a good walk in while searching out the vintage! Have you ever seen a vintage "for sale" sign? Could there be such a thing?

  3. Hey Mitch,
    900 Degrees? I don't think my oven ever got that hot. Peter