Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Signing Off: For Memorial Day, Dreams That Are Now Memories

The Chocolate Library was a New York dining destination that just never took off
By Mitch Broder

Maybe New Yorkers just weren't ready for the concept of borrowing chocolate.

Or maybe they were, and they just couldn't trust themselves enough to bring it back.

Either way, though it may have seemed like a concept that was overdue, The Chocolate Library didn't get enough people coming in to check things out.

On this somewhat appropriate occasion, we remember The Chocolate Library and certain other city establishments that you may never forget. We don't judge them. Very much. All we do is to gently suggest that their closings may have had something to do with their names.

Whether or not compelled by its name, The Chocolate Library really handed out chocolates. They were free samples, of course, but they were very satisfying. The chocolates for sale were displayed on walls of sort of library-like shelves. It was all a little bit confusing. It was easiest just to eat the free sample.

But it's never good to lose a chocolate source, so we mourn the Library's passing.

As for the places below, well, our mourning level varies.

While those dining in New York can still find Macaroni Macaroni's macaroni at a few pizzerias, they will no longer find it at the Macaroni Macaroni store.

Macaroni Macaroni's macaroni is still at a couple of pizzerias, but Macaroni Macaroni itself may have been too much of a good thing. Especially with its sign complex that managed to communicate "macaroni" not just two, but six and one-third times.

N.Y. Fresh Bites just wasn't meant to be around as an Old New York establishment.

"N.Y. Fresh Bites" sounded like something that you might get from a New York rat...

Dining in New York will no longer include Go For A Bite, Belgian Waffles fans are out of luck.

... and "Go For a Bite" didn't sound like waffles. Besides, everyone was going for a rub.

Another place for dining in New York shuttered it's doors, say goodbye to Octavia's Porch

"Octavia's Porch" suggested a place that would be too cold in the winter...

Happy as the snowman mural might have you made you, 99 Below was not long for New York City

... and "99 Below" suggested a place that would be too cold even in the summer.

Yet another New York City pizza place that couldn't be monsterous enough.

Monster Pizzas might have had at least a somewhat acceptable name...

Maybe it was the actual Monsters on the pizza that doomed this spot for dining in New York

... if it hadn't tried to convince you that its slices were actual monsters.

SoHo Living was too pricey for most Old New Yorkers

There simply aren't enough people left who can afford Soho Living...

Good Sense was another New in New York establishment that just couldn't make it.

... and there simply aren't enough people left who know that they need good sense.

Vintage New York thanks them all for the memories.


  1. Looks like you had an excellent walk! Its fun to see how to spin the signs ~ thanks!

  2. OMG! What an opener! Bang, bang, bang! And then the "mourning" line. Then Fresh Bites topped off by Rubs. Yes, I know, I should be commenting on context. Sorry, I am just amazed at the technique. Bravo!