Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vintage New York Presents: Pick Your Papa (or, Dig Your Daddy)

Your mouth will water when you're dining in New York at Pop Pop Burgers
By Mitch Broder

POP Burgers come two for $9.25, but you can't put a price on Pop. This explains why there's a Father's Day but no Father Burger's Day.

In any case, Father's Day is Sunday, and Vintage New York acknowledges it in the same way that it acknowledged Mother's Day: with a parental tour. This time, it takes you through the city to visit celebrated Pops and Papas, along with a Daddy and a Pa, but, ironically, no Fathers.

There are apparently more Mamas than Papas here, which is to be expected, since, after all, the first word in Manhattan is Ma. But the second first word in Manhattan is Man, and Papa does come in second, which is better than coming in after Sons and Daughters, who will still get a post of their own.

For now, though, cruise this gallery of City Pops. Let me know if I missed one. But please don't tell Daddy.

Cheesesteaks aren't the first thing you think of when you think about dining in New York, but they might be next time you visit Pop's of Brooklyn

The parental tours were born on Eighth Street, where fate, not along ago, placed Pop's of Brooklyn directly across from the unrelated Mom's Cooking. Pop's is Poppish and Mom's is Mommish, but both serve you good food, which is what any good parent should do, even if the food is cheesesteaks. As for Pop Burger, it's unrelated to Poppy's, the deli on Avenue A, and to Poppy, the boutique on Mott Street. But it has three locations, including the one at the top, which is on 58th Street, and which, besides POP Burgers, has Popcorn Shrimp, POP Corn on the Cob, and — needless to say — pop.

Dining in New York doesn't have to be a cosmopolitan experience, when you have Mom's Cooking.

Diners are a staple of dining in New York and Big Daddy's is the place for diner food.

Big Daddy's is one of those new diners that try to look like old diners, which can be irritating. But at least its hot dogs are famous. It has three locations, including this one, on Second Avenue at 83rd Street, none of which should be confused with Daddy-O, the bar on Bedford Street.

You know dining in New York is not complete without dessert at Beard Papa's where you'll get your fill of cream puffs

Beard Papa could be a lush, but he's definitely a cream puff. In fact, he's a Fresh'n Natural cream puff. This store, on Broadway near 77th Street, was his first in this country. He's not the same as Papa John, who's also all over the country but is a pizza pie, not a cream puff, and looks nothing like Beard Papa.

Pizza is a staple of Dining in New York so how could we leave out Papa John's?
Papa John.

Eruopa a father from Europe of course is yet another patriarchal spot for dining in New York

A Europa, of course, is a father from Europe. This Europa might be from Italy, but then, most Pas can make pasta.

Try Gray's Papaya when dining in New York
The Mother's Day tour included Momoya, so the Father's Day tour should include Gray's Papaya. Shouldn't it?

Tempted once again at Beard Papa's to finish off our Father's Day tribute to Papa's of New York City

Happy Father's Day to all fathers who are fondant of their kids.

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