Thursday, October 4, 2012

Signing Off: You Name It — Just Don't Give Us the Wrong Idea

Out of the Kitchen is a restaurant in New York that will no longer invite you in
By Mitch Broder

They said they'd be Out of the Kitchen!

And now they are!

Think of the rent they could have saved if they'd never opened at all!

I don't like to mock this place. For one thing, it was homey, and for another, it had one of the best chocolate-chip cookies in the city. But its subliminal message was either that no one ever worked there or that no one was welcome — neither of which is what you want to impart to the crowd.

So now Hudson Street has one less takeout and the city has one less good cookie. And once again, the lesson is: Don't let this happen to you. Holding fast to the flimsy premise that stores' names can determine their fate, Vintage New York offers up the latest cases of nominal self-sabotage...

Dining in New York will never be the same without the Village Crabhouse

 Nobody wants to eat in a house full of crabs...

Apparently shelves were not the New in New York thing everyone thought they were going to be.
Nobody wants to live in a house full of shelves...

The Meatball Factory shuttered it's doors disappointing those dining in New York

The last food you want to get from a factory is a meatball ...

Another establishment in New York that is no more, Silver Spoon

The last spoon you want is one that was in someone's mouth when he was born...

Isn't all luggage International by design?
This seemed like a place that was loaded down with too much baggage...

Roam has been closed and will be making way for another New in New York tenant

This seemed like a place that was telling you to go someplace else...

A health and beauty store in New York.
And this place promised you everything from A to Z, while it's perfectly clear to anyone that it was missing a D.

Vintage New York is only trying to help.


  1. Now "roam" should be called "room" as in "there's plenty of it since we cleared out" ... I think the "signing off" posts are fun. They're like walking down the street with a friend and sharing a quick "what were they thinking" laugh.

  2. Great finds! What a fun way to see the streets of New York! Thanks Mitch.