Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Signing Off: More Reasons to Give Your Store Name More Thought

By Mitch Broder

As I continue to write of Manhattan haunts that have flourished for decades, I continue to find that they tend to have names like Katz's, Bill's, and Rocco's.

I also continue to find that the ones that get too creative tend to get into trouble — like, for example, Swich, Curl Up & Dye, and Dodo.

Since I posted about those last three places I have discovered more shuttered stores whose names I suspected might have contributed to their shuttering. Either way, their names left me shuddering. But you be the judge. Would you have lined up to get into these?

Could the menu perhaps have seemed too finite?

Could the menu perhaps have seemed too infinite?

Should any cantina be cosmic?

I would have questioned whether to go in...

Hiding won't sell the panini...

Success means never having to say Om Saree...

New York City Street Scene Restaurant Ginger
Then again, maybe Cinnamon was just the wrong spice...

Vintage New York takes no pleasure in store closings. It's just wondering.


  1. Cinnamon might've been the wrong spice but Ginger has the wrong chairs! Om Saree, was that mean to say?
    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. What a fun way to explore the city! Sure hope you didn't do that in the heatwave...

  3. What did people do in an Om Saree palace, do you think? Were they Saree before they went in or just after they came out. Sure that's why it really closed. Soh Saree.