Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Strangely New York: Slim Down for Summer in Just One Shirt!

Slim down with these tshirts from Modern Gift in the West Village
By Mitch Broder

Summer's coming in two weeks, and now you don't have to stop it!

You can have the body you want — right over the body you have!

No machines! No classes! No diets! No pills! No surgery below the neck!

Now you can be instantly perfect!

Just stick your head through a hole!

More slimming t-shirts from Modern Gifts in the West Village of New York City, no crunches needed

That's all it takes, with just one visit to Modern Gift in the West Village, now conveniently stocked with the finest in silk-screened physiques! Look up, choose your dream figure, pay twenty bucks, and slip it on! No one will know your secret! At least that's what you think!

Not to leave the guys out, Modern Gift in the West Village of New York City has a nice selection of washboard abs.

And yet all of these unsettling torso shirts are flying out the door, according to Tashi Wangchuk, the owner of Modern Gift. People love them, he says. He acknowledges that he's not sure why. But he doesn't question the shirts' appeal. He just keeps hanging them up.

Modern Gift in the West Village of New York City has been around for 15 years
Modern Gift is one of those souvenir shops that New Yorkers hardly notice. Tashi says it's been there for about 15 years. He bought it about a year ago and has continued selling the souvenir mugs, piggy banks, golf balls, and playing cards. But now he has a signature item.

Become a lingerie or bikini model in seconds at Modern Gift in the West Village of New York

The shirts appear to be mostly for women, or for men who want to be women. They can all become swimsuit models, lingerie models, or, oddly, cowgirls.

Tashi also sell shirts bearing the likes of Muddy Waters, John Coltrane, and Johnny Cash.

But while those guys may be able to play music, they'll clearly never be queen of the beach.

There is undoubtedly a bikini to fit all styles at Modern Gift in the West Village in New York City

Cover up at Modern Gift, 180 Bleecker Street, in New York City.


  1. Great ~ yet another method for folks to think they don't need to take care of the bodies they have! Interesting find. Thanks Mitch ~

  2. I love that they're also painted on the back. Perfect. I'm buying several!

  3. very cute idea! I am liking it very much! Cute post !!

  4. I'll take the black crochet bikini, please. Hold the straps.
    P.S. Did you try one on? I don't see THAT inset here.