Thursday, June 28, 2012

Strangely New York: We Have the Best Summer Travel Bargains

Climbing the Swiss Alps aboard the New York City subway system
By Mitch Broder

While others were spending thousands to vacation in the Rockies, I was spending $2.25 to vacation in the Alps.

It was a surprise vacation, which made it all the merrier. I simply boarded the Times Square Shuttle and I was just feet from happy hikers. Two of the hikers were hiking right onto the subway seats. I think that's allowed whenever a mountain range uses mass transit.

Get lost in a trip to Switzerland aboard these New in New York billboards on the subway

I believe that the shuttle takeover was Switzerland's neutral way of enticing me to go to the Alps. But I like that they came to me. I enjoyed the fresh Alpine air during my entire trip across 42nd Street. Naturally, I snapped a couple of pictures to share with less-fortunate friends.

Find yourself transported to Switzerland with this Strangely New York subway billboards

Switzerland has left the benches, but my vast train-trotting experience tells me that some other destination will be arriving soon on Track 3. My advice is to be prepared. Always carry a loaded MetroCard. And wear comfortable clothes. Your vacation can take as long as two minutes.

Subliminal messages painted by the MTA on the platform of a New York Subway reads Go Forth

Needless to say, the MTA wants me to travel. Why else it would it paint subliminal messages all over its subway stations? But it would surely prefer that I spend my tourism dollars in New York, which is why I applaud it for bringing the rest of the world here, where I can afford it.

Watch yourself so you don't get trampled by these Strangely New York billboards promoting Switzerland on your subeway ride

Have a nice time, and don't get trampled.


  1. It would be really excellent if they offered up Swiss chocolate at the same time...although in the subway its sure to melt pretty quickly! What a great surprise find Mitch! Thanks!

  2. Are you supposed to be hunting through your bag while on the subway...even if it is the shuttle???

  3. Incredible shots...looks like this little kid is with the hikers. Make no mistake, though, she's watching you! Thanks for taking us on your surprise adventure. Keep them coming.